Dedicated to bringing together research on indirect translation


A comprehensive listing of publications focused primarily on indirect translation was published as an appendix to the publication available here.

The listing was compiled between October and November 2016 and covers one hundred works published between 1963 and 2016. 

In order to be included the bibliographic items needed to address the topic of indirect translation as a primary issue (rather than secondary, as has usually been the case in Translation Studies) and to be published research (this means that unpublished MA and PhD dissertations, unpublished conference books of abstracts, unpublished conference presentations, as well as prescriptive or anecdotal writings or professional discussions were not included). 

In our working definition indirect translation is understood in a broad sense, as a translation of a translation. This particularly flexible and inclusive approach is more likely to reflect the complex reality of the practice, as it does not impose restrictions on, e.g., the number of intervening texts or languages and therefore makes it possible to consider as indirect translation, inter alia, retranslation, back-translation or interlingual translations of intralingual modernizations.

It should also be emphasized that, for the sake of consistency, publications on such subsets of indirect translation as retranslation, back-translation, or interlingual translations of intralingual modernizations were included only if they also paid considerable attention to other subsets of indirect translation. 

Moreover, no limits were set to publication dates other than those imposed by the existing limits of the databases consulted for the purpose of this study and those related to the accessibility of full texts. Finally, no limits in terms of cultural/linguistic/geographical scope were imposed. However, it is acknowledged that the inclusion of entries depended on our ability to make informed judgments about their relevance through our own language knowledge, from translated information available and after language consultation with qualified experts.

The listing does not lay any claim to completeness, although it may well cover the majority of publications that fulfill the criteria mentioned above.

Readers are kindly invited to provide feedback. Suggestions for additional (missing or new) entries can be submitted using the submission form. Future updates and revisions will be posted here, after verification by the compilers.

Thank you very much for helping us build a key reference work for the field of indirect translation studies!