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Susana Valdez

BA in Modern Languages and Literature, University of Lisbon (Portugal)

MA in Applied Linguistics (Translation Studies), University of Lisbon (Portugal)

PhD in Translation Studies (University of Lisbon) and Linguistics and Literature (University of Ghent)

Assistant Professor of Translation Studies, Leiden University (Netherlands)


Background information

Susana Valdez is an Assistant Professor of Translation Studies at Leiden University (Netherlands). She is co-head of the Research Group on Reception and Translation Studies at the University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies and a Reviews Editor of the Journal of Audiovisual Translation. Her doctoral thesis was on translation norms and expectations in biomedical translation. She is currently continuing her research on translators' decision-making processes, and she is particularly interested in how these are influenced by the expectations of the target community.

Research interests       

Descriptive translation studies

Translation norms

Cognitive studies

Medical translation

Audiovisual translation

Main ultimate source language (USL) and ultimate target language (UTL) in indirect translation research

English (USL) and European Portuguese (UTL)

Selected publications


Valdez, Susana; Vandepitte, Sonia. 2020. "Exploring a Two-Way Street. Revisers’ and translators’ attitudes and expectations about each other in biomedical translation." In Translation revision and post-editing: industry practices and cognitive processes, edited by Maarit Koponen, Brian Mossop, Isabelle S. Robert, Giovanna Scocchera, 148-164. London: Routledge. (Link)

Lisaitė, Vandepitte; Maylath, Mousten; Valdez, Susana; Castel-Branco, Maria & Minacori, Patricia. 2016. "Negotiating meaning at a distance: Peer feedback in electronic learning translation environments." Translation and Meaning 41 (1): 99-116. (Link)

Gato, Margarida; Janssen, Maarten; Barros, Rita & Valdez, Susana. 2016. "Teaching and Researching Literary Translation in the Digital Context: PEnPAL in Trans as a case-study." MATLIT: Journal of the Doctoral Program in Materialities of Literature 4 (1): 11-22. (Link)

Assis Rosa, Alexandra; Falcão, Luisa; Mouta, Raquel; Valdez, Susana & Botas, Tiago. 2011. "Luso-Canadian Exchanges in Translation Studies: Translating Linguistic Variation." Anglo-Saxónica 3 (2): 39-68. (Link)