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Pieter Boulogne

MA in East European Languages and Cultures (KU Leuven)

PhD in Slavonic Studies (KU Leuven)

Assistant Professor of Russian Literature (KU Leuven), Visiting Professor of Russian Literature (Ghent University)

Background information

Pieter Boulogne's research interests lie at the crossroads of the History of Russian Literature, Descriptive Translation Studies and Imagology. In 2011, he published Het temmen van de Scyth (Taming the Scythian), his dissertation on the early Dutch reception of Dostoevsky, in which French and German translations play quite central a role. More recently, he contributed to CODL: an international network studying the circulation of Dutch literature. During the past decade, Boulogne has been teaching a variety of Bachelor and Master courses, including Russian Literature and Translation from Russian, at three different universities in Belgium. He has also trained public service interpreters and translators for the Flemish Integration Agency, before being appointed as an assistant professor of Russian Literature at KU Leuven. In addition, since 2015, he has been a visiting professor of Russian Literature at Ghent University. Occasionally, he translates Russian literary works into Dutch.

Research interests       

Indirect translation

History of Russian Literature

Reception Studies


Main ultimate source language (USL) and ultimate target language (UTL) in indirect translation research

Russian (USL) and Dutch (UTL)

Selected publications


Boulogne, Pieter. 2016. ‘Champion of the Humiliated and Insulted or Xenophobe Satirist? Dostoevsky’s Mockery of Germans in early translation’ Van Doorslaer, Luc, Flynn, Peter & Leerssen, Joep (ed.). Interconnecting Translation and Imagology. [= Benjamins Translation Library 119] John Benjamins. pp. 109-125. (Link)

Boulogne, Pieter. 2015. ‘Europe’s Conquest of the Russian Novel. The Pivotal role of France and Germany.’ Pieta, Hanna & Seruya, Theresa (ed.). IberoSlavica, A Peer-Reviewed Yearbook of the International Society for Iberian-Slavonic Studies. Special Issue: Translation in Iberian-Slavonic Exchange. pp. 167-191. (Link)

Boulogne, Pieter. 2013. ‘De Rus uit Parijs. Dostojevski en de grenzen van de Nederlandse en Vlaamse literatu(u)r(en).’ De Negentiende Eeuw. Tijdschrift van de Werkgroep De Negentiende Eeuw. Themanummer Het Frans als lingua franca: gevallen van histoire croisée in de Lage Landen, 1800-1914. 37: 3. pp. 201-216. (Link)

Boulogne, Pieter. 2011. ‘Vers la construction d’un Dostoïevski monophonique: Hétéroglossies et langage écorché dans les traductions néerlandaises d’avant-guerre des oeuvres de Dostoïevski.’ Canadian Review of Comparative Literature 39: 1 (March 2012). pp. 48-63. (Link)

Boulogne, Pieter. 2011. Het temmen van de Scyth. De vroege Nederlandse receptie van F.M. Dostoevskij. [= Pegasus Oost-Europese Studies 17] Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Pegasus. 770 p. ISBN 978 90 6143 356 9. (Link)

Boulogne, Pieter (ed.). 2008. Translation and Its Others. Selected Papers of the CETRA Seminar in Translation Studies 2007. With an introduction by Miriam Shlesinger. (Link)