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Martin Ringmar

BA in Icelandic/Finnish (Reykjavík)

MA in Scandinavian Languages (Umeå)

PhD candidate in Scandinavian Studies (Lund)

Teaching assistant, Comenius University (Bratislava)

Background information

Martin Ringmar has worked as a journalist and translator (chiefly from Icelandic into Swedish), but since the mid 1990s mostly as a teacher of Swedish to foreigners. He has worked as a lecturer in Swedish at universities in Riga (Latvia), Rennes (France) and is currently teaching Swedish (and Icelandic) at Univerzita Komenského in Bratislava (Slovakia).

Research interests       

indirect translation

the Nordic translation system

translators’ biographies

Main ultimate source language (USL) and ultimate target language (UTL) in indirect translation research

The Nordic languages (USL and UTL)

Selected publications


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Ringmar, Martin. 2008. ”Von indirekten zu direkten Beziehungen im finnisch-isländischen Literaturaustausch”. trans-kom. Zeitschrift für Translationswissenschaft und Fachkommunikation 1(2): 164–79: (Link)

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Ringmar, Martin. 2015. ”Figuring out the local within the global – (sub)systems and indirect translation”. Special Issue of IberoSlavica 2015: :153-170. (Link)