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Hanna Pięta

MA in Portuguese Studies / Translation (Krakow)

Postgraduate Diploma in Translation Studies (Lisbon)

PhD in Translation Studies (Lisbon)

Postdoctoral teaching and research assistant, ULICES  (Lisbon)

Background information

Before taking her current position of an FCT-funded teaching and research assistant at the University of Lisbon (Centre for English Studies), Hanna obtained a PhD on the history of Portuguese translations of Polish literature (from the University of Lisbon) and an MA in Portuguese language and literature (from the Jagiellonian University, Krakow). She is a former member of the European Society for Translation Studies (EST) Glossary Committee (2013-2016). She is currently a principal researcher in the ‘IndirecTrans3’ (ULICES) project and an associate editor of Anglo-Saxonica journal. She teaches postgraduate and undergraduate units in the theory and practice of translation, and supervises postgraduate research in translation-related topics at the School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon (FLUL).

Research interests       

indirect translation 

inter-peripheral literary translations

translation history 

translation studies terminology 

translation studies bibliometrics

Main ultimate source language (USL) and ultimate target language (UTL) in indirect translation research

Polish (USL) and European Portuguese (UTL)

Selected publications


Pięta, Hanna. 2019. "Indirect translation: Main trends in practice and research." Special issue of Slovo.ru: baltijskij accent 10 (1), guest-edited by Yves Gambier: 21-31. (Link)

Assis Rosa, Alexandra, Hanna Pięta, and Rita Bueno Maia, ed. 2017. Special Issue of Translation Studies 10:2. Indirect Translation: Theoretical, Methodological and Terminological Issues. (Link)

Pięta, Hanna. 2017. "Theoretical, methodological and terminological issues in researching indirect translation: A critical annotated bibliography."  Special Issue of Translation Studies 10:2. Indirect Translation: Theoretical, Methodological and Terminological Issues, guest-edited by Alexandra Assis Rosa, Hanna Pięta, and Rita Bueno Maia: 186-216. (Link)


Pięta, Hanna. 2016. "On Translation between (Semi)peripheral Languages: The External History of Polish Literature Translated into European Portuguese as a Case in Point."  The Translator 22 (3):354-377. (Link)

Pięta, Hanna. 2014. "What Do (We Think) We Know about Indirectness in Literary Translation? A Tentative Review of the State-of-the-art and Possible Research Avenues." In Traducció indirecta en la literature catalana, edited by Ivan Garcia Sala, Diana Sanz Roig and Bożena Zaboklicka, 15-34. Lleida: Punctum. (Link)

Pięta, Hanna. 2012. "Patterns in (In)directness: An Exploratory Case Study in the External History of Portuguese Translations of Polish Literature (1855-2010)."  Target 24 (2):310-337. (Link)