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Alexandra Assis Rosa

Degree in Modern Languages and Literatures -English and German Studies (Lisbon)

MA in German Literature (Lisbon)

PhD in Culture Studies - Translation Studies (Lisbon)

Aggregation in Translation Studies (Lisbon)

Assistant Professor, Universidade de Lisboa (Lisbon)

Background information

Alexandra Assis Rosa is tenured Assistant Professor (with Aggregation) of the School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon (FLUL). There she teaches Media, Scientific and Technical Translation, English Linguistics and Discourse Analysis at graduate level, as well as Translation Studies, Translation and Text Linguistics, Translation and Applied Linguistics, Audiovisual Translation, and Research Methodologies at post-graduate level. She currently holds the positions of Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities, of the University of Lisbon and of coordinator of the University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES) Research Group on Reception and Translation Studies, where she coordinated the research project "IndirecTrans1".  She is also chair of the Summer School Scholarship Committee and Member of the Advisory Board of the European Society for Translation Studies, EST. Her publications focus on the translation of forms of address and linguistic variation in fiction, on censorship in translation, reader profiling, retranslation and indirect translation.  She has recently co-edited Voice in Retranslation. Special Issue of Target 27:1 (2015), East and West Encounters: Translation in Time. Special Issue of Journal of World Languages  (2016), and Indirect Translation: Theoretical, Terminological and Methodological Issues. Special Issue of Translation Studies (due 2017).

Research interests       

Translation Studies

Audiovisual Translation

Literary Translation

Applied Linguistics

Discourse Analysis.

Main ultimate source language (USL) and ultimate target language (UTL) in indirect translation research

English, French, German  (USL) and European Portuguese (UTL)

Selected publications


Assis Rosa, Alexandra, Hanna Pięta, and Rita Bueno Maia. 2017. “Theoretical, methodological and terminological issues regarding indirect translation: An overview.” Special Issue of Translation Studies 10:2. Indirect Translation: Theoretical, Methodological and Terminological Issues, guest-edited by Alexandra Assis Rosa, Hanna Pięta, and Rita Bueno Maia.


Rosa, Alexandra Assis. 2016. “Descriptive Translation Studies of Audiovisual Translation: 21st-Century Issues, Challenges and Opportunities.” Target : International Journal of Translation Studies 28 (2): 192–205. (Link)

Rosa, Alexandra Assis. 2013. “The Power of Voice in Translated Fiction.” In Tracks and Treks in Translation Studies: Selected Papers from the EST Congress, Leuven 2010, Edited by Catherine Way, Sonia Vandepitte, Reine Meylaerts and Magdalena Bartłomiejczyk,  223–245. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (Link)

Rosa, Alexandra Assis. 2010. “Descriptive Translation Studies (DTS).” In Handbook of Translation Studies, volume 1, edited by Yves Gambier and Luc van Doorslaer, 94-104. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Rosa, Alexandra Assis. 2004. “Tradução, Poder e Ideologia. Retórica Interpessoal No Diálogo Narrativo Dickensiano Em Português (1950-1999).” PhD thesis. University of Lisbon, Faculty of Letters.

Rosa, Alexandra Assis. 2001. “Features of Oral and Written Communication in Subtitling.” In (Multi)Media Translation. Concepts, Practices and Research. Ed. Yves Gambier and Henrik Gottlieb. Amsterdam, 213–22. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (Link)