Dedicated to bringing together research on indirect translation

Welcome to the IndirecTrans website, dedicated to bringing together research on indirect translation, understood as a translation of a translation.

Indirect translation is a complex and constantly evolving practice. It has a longstanding history (e.g. the Bible, I Ching, Shakespeare translation or the activity of the so-called Toledo School), widespread use in various areas of today’s society (audiovisual, computer-assisted and literary translation, localization) and a promising future (e.g. due to globalization and the increasingly high number of working languages in international organizations, which entails editing documents via the linguae francae).

Research into indirect translation has the potential to challenge the conventional binarism in the study of translation and yield new insights into the important role of intermediary centres in inter-peripheral cultural transfers. However, this research is still very fragmented and cannot seem to keep pace with the fast-evolving practice. There is thus a need for a more integrated and consolidated approach.

We hope that this website will prove to be a useful tool for researchers in indirect translation studies, and that it will help them produce new knowledge and find their way in this expanding field.

More information about the IndirecTrans website available here.